Thursday, May 9, 2013

Guild Wars 2

I'm currently playing Guild Wars 2. The game was officially released on 28th August 2012. My first character was Ranger. Initially I joined the server Sea of Sorrows, and joined CCTV guild. Then I switched server between Henge of Denravi and Crystal Desert few times during the free transfer period, and I quitted CCTV and joined HAX in Crystal Desert. Just before Arena Net closed the free transfer, I moved to Kaineng and join Meow because WvW experience in Crystal Desert was not very encouraging, most of HAX member only go to WvW during weekend. I'm still a member of HAX though. Recently the high ranking member of Meow decided to move to Blackgate, and I moved with them and had my transfer partly sponsored by them.

Between launch and now I have created 7 characters, 5 of which are at level 80. The initial character slot was only 5, but I unlocked 2 more. I also unlocked all the personal bank slots. My level 80 characters are Ranger, Guardian, Elementalist, Mesmer and Thief.

More to come......

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

LOTRO and the new MMO : Guild Wars 2

My gaming life continues with LOTRO. Between last post and now I have levelled 3 characters altogether to level 75, bought new quest packs using Turbine Points, and doing raids with kin mate once in a while.

However, since early July, my LOTRO gaming has been sidetracked by the news of the release of a new Guild Wars game : Guild Wars 2. There has been 2 beta weekends before I joined the third one using a beta key given to me by a forum friend. I finally decided to buy the game after a new credit card billing cycle. A number of stress test have been announced and done by Arena Net in order to fine tune the game.

The game will be officially released on 28/8/2012. A pre-purchase account like mine will have 3-days headstart on 25/8/2012 which is just after Hari Raya holiday.

More news after the game release...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Friends In LOTRO

I have made quite a number of friends in LOTRO. Some of them still active, while few others have gone MIA. Those people in Lowyat.NET who played LOTRO mostly have been consumed by other games, presumably Skyrim.

I'm currently in contact with friends whom I helped acquiring the Rise of Isengard expansion. Their IGN are Souzin (LM) and Gedzza(GRD).

Souzin, from what I gather, is a guy from Terengganu, while Gedzza in the other hand is a guy from Kedah. Here is a screenshot of my hunter Farinas with Gedzz (alt of Gedzza)

I've also made quite a number of friends from Down Under, since I'm now in kin based in there, called Aurora Australis. Below are screenshot of the kin activity not long ago :


Below is screenshot of my minstrel Farimin beating Draigoch with Aurora Australis :

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Back to Blogging My Gaming Life

Wow ! It's been a very long time. Very very very long time since I last wrote in this blog. In the previous blog I wrote how I got a new addiction in LOTRO. That time I just started playing the game. I guess it is time for me to write again.

A lot of thing has happened between now and then. New baby, a break from LOTRO for 6 months, playing FM2011, back to LOTRO again etc, etc.

To start off, let's just say I'm currently enjoying my LOTRO. I have 2 level 75 characters, a Minstrel and Hunter. I also have a Burglar at level 53 and a Guardian at level 25. Even though I started with the hunter, the minstrel is the first character I got to level 75. Doing group content at level 75 is very satisfying indeed. Getting there is quite a challenge since you'll have to solo mostly.

I'm currently in a Kinship called Aurora Australis. It is an Aussie based kinship. My hunter was initially in there, but then quitted because I wanted to be with my Malaysian friends in the same kin called Adventurers of Eriador. However that doesn't last very long when one by one my fellow Malaysian LOTRO friend left the game.

So I decided to go back to Aurora Australis and settle there. If any Malaysian want to play with me, I simply add them to the friends list.

Below are my characters at selection screen :


There are few other characters that I do not show them here because they are still in level 1.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lord Of The Rings Online

Currently I'm focusing my game time on playing LOTRO since it turned to Free2Play. My character, a hunter, in now level 38. For initial few weeks I was on free account, grinding TP to buy quest packs and traits, then I turned to a premium account because there was offer on TP. I will update this blog with a screen shot of my character some time not far away in the future.

At least this gane will keep me busy while I'm waiting for Guild Wars 2.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Game : Legendary Champions

Wow, it has been a long time. My gaming has been limited by my work commitment and my daughter who has taken over my PC, watching her favorite videos on YouTube. However I managed to try a new game called "Legendary Champions" by Aeriagames. It is a F2P game just finished their closed-beta, now on the phase of starting the open-beta very soon.

The game asks you to choose one of the warring faction to be in. For the level 30 and under, the quests are still PVEs, but once you reach level 30, all the quests from then on are in the open PVP areas, which means you are forced to do PVP if someone attack you. This is one aspect that I personally think a let down. I just can't accept that you are being forced to be a punchbag for the money spender in a F2P game.

I'm still waiting for the release of Guild Wars 2. I don't mind they take their time to release it actually, because that will buy me some time to get the money to upgrade my PC before i will be able to enjoy the game when it is released.